On Day 1 Of Healthy Living Week I Find Myself Unmotivated

You know how some people wear those dumb wristbands that log every breath, step and feeling? That's kind of how I feel about What To Eat For Lunch as I scrolled back to find the last time I attempted to eat any kind of healthy food for an extended period of time, on purpose. It was before Thanksgiving and it was only for one day. See, it's Healthy Living Week here at Food Republic Headquarters, and that means I'm going to get called out bigtime if I put away an entire container of biryani from Minar or one of Chipotle's mythical hidden tesoros.

Matt and George have been juicing for weeks in anticipation. Richard and Matt are talking about juicing right now while I'm trying to write this. I've been eating a lot of cheese and drinking a lot of wine because it's January and I'm not not drinking. And wine IS juice, for your information, so consider me still healthy antioxidant...tizing, from last night. I also made some chorizo-heavy, not-very-healthy jambalaya, which was awesome. Basically I need to ease into it, because I almost stopped to get a green juice this morning, then I decided "gross, nope, not today." I'm not getting called out on a Monday though, so here are a few "transition lunches" to keep me from going into shock:

But if I'm going to take this on like I mean it, and I do kind of, I'm probably going to go with this secret weapon. Nothing gets me going on and on about vegetables like a supersized portion of okra, it's like a miracle in every bowl and it's the only veggie so impossibly packed with fiber that if you're still hungry after, I commend you.

Quick note: next week we're doing LA-style Mexican recipes from the author of the best taco meat ever, so...let's pull through and get there.

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