Video: Steven Rinella Pulls Dungeness Crab From Alaskan Waters. Makes Us Hungry.

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When Steven Rinella, host of show MeatEater on Sportsman Channel and author of a book of the same name, is not facing off against vegans or building bird houses with his two-year old, he's likely out hunting. His passion for the sport is the basis of his show, which has the Michigan native heading to exotic places like New Zealand and the Missouri Breaks in Montana. On Thursday night the show returns with an episode that has Rinella traveling to his shack on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island, where he hunts black bear and catches some of the largest, freshest Dungeness crab you will ever find. "This is like a dream," says the host while tearing into the crab's sweet, briny meat. No, it's actually a television show you made — that makes us really hungry for crab right now.

The new season of MeatEater premieres this Thursday at 8 p.m. EST/PST on Sportsman Channel. Note: MeatEater is a production of Zero Point Zero, the parent company of Food Republic.