Does This New White Castle Menu Item Mean The Death Of The Slider?

It's a fast food chain famous for their palm-size squares of heaven. Promising to possess "what you crave," this hamburger joint has been in business for close to a century, their sliders becoming synonymous with American eating (for better or worse). There's even a movie franchise based on two stoners in endless pursuit of the combo of ground beef, onions and cheese. We are, of course, talking about White Castle here. But with a formula as perfect as it is waist-altering, why would the patty kings dare to venture into the world of...soup?

Earlier this week came the news that White Castle is introducing potato bacon chowder to its menus nationwide. We can understand re-formulating an onion rings recipe. Or upgrading their breakfast offerings. But, soup? Soup?! Does White Castle truly think that vats of chowder will ever replace the iconic Crave Case as the official food of the road trip? The food that eating contests are based upon? WE THINK NOT, WHITE CASTLE, WE THINK NOT.

A 30-second search on Yelp thorough and exhaustive investigation yielded exactly zero customers who had written in about their gustatory experiences with the new item. Which leads us to believe that White Castle's little experiment is bound to fail. Miserably. Good.

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