15 Ways To Bail On Your New Year's Resolution, A Week Into It

Right now we are a week into 2014, which means you are probably still hanging onto some of those new year's resolutions you, possibly unwisely, made at the stroke of midnight. Still not eating refined sugars? No meat? Dairy? You're only drinking juice? Wait, you're on a clense? Good for you! Now....stop! Why? Because that is just foolish. And we've got some insanely over-the-top recipes for you to try, like Philly cheesesteak jalapeño poppers and pork chop-stuffed French toast. Alright, click ahead to see what we are talking about. There's some good stuff there. And, we're really just kidding about quitting on the resolution. We're down with the healthy lifestyle in January thing. So much, in fact, that we're running a bunch of stories dedicated to it next week. So keep your eyes peeled.