I feel your pain. In fact, yesterday, I felt it quite literally, as I started my first workday of 2014 with a breakfast of cottage cheese over a poached pear. Yes, there were some hazelnuts sprinkled on top to ease that pain, but this wasn't exactly my beloved egg sandwich with bacon and cheese on a roll (with lots of black pepper, mmmm). Making the choice to kick off the new year with a new commitment to healthy eating has become almost cliché, as well as comic fodder, but it doesn't have to be a joke.

I actually enjoyed my cottage cheese–based breafkast, and it inspired me to keep eating healthy throughout the day. One day down, 363 to go…

Care to join me? Here are some recipes to help you on your way:

What are your favorite recipes and dishes to help start the new year off on a healthy note? Let us know in the comments!