8 T-Shirts From Iconic NYC Establishments (Plus A Hat)

One of the greatest things about living in New York City is hitting up old-school food purveyors around the city. The places that have not changed one bit since opening over a hundred years ago. Most of the stories are similar: Eastern European and Italian immigrants moved to the city and were homesick for bagels and bialys, a good slice of pizza or a decent cappuccino, and so they decided to set up shop and sell specialties from their hometowns. There is nothing purposefully hip about these joints — proprietors pride themselves on keeping the same atmosphere decade after decade. We hope they'll always stay that way.

Tourists and locals alike stop by Katz's Delicatessen for a pastrami sandwich and then walk next door to Russ & Daughters for bagels and lox. Next time you find yourself doing the same, make sure to add a T-shirt (or cap) to your order. After all, these places might not be around forever — though they probably will! (P.S. We'd recommend stopping by Sammy's Roumanian, the Lower East Side steakhouse, to pick up one of their hipster-approved tees or sweatshirts, but they don't appear to be available online, so they're not featured here.)

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