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Historically, NBA power forward Reginald Jamaal "Reggie" Evans has been known as a defensive and rebounding specialist, averaging an incredible 11.1 rebounds per game during his 2012 season with the Brooklyn Nets. And here's some fun Reggie Evans trivia for you here: he was the first NBA player to be fined for flopping, an art form refined by professional soccer players that has found its way recently to the hardcourt. But during this historically messed up current Nets season, Evans’ impact has been muted while the team has sunk to a disappointing 9-17 record.

But we’re not going to hate on Reggie. We love the dude, as do the members of Brooklyn-based design collective Veggie and Friends — founded by Lee Frank (also of Nachos NYC). They’ve designed an Evans-inspired t-shirt as a tribute to stellar rebounding and kale. "The shirt was inspired by sitting in the stands at a lot of games and watching Reggie get a ton of minutes last year," says Frank of his first shirt. "We cheer on the team with a lot of silly names and Veggie Evans ended up being our favorite."

Frank hopes to release more shirts during the coming season, but admits that finding the right combination takes time. "We're constantly wishing that Brook Lopez had the crazy hair of his brother Robin Lopez so we could create a Brooccoli Lopez shirt." In a sad twist, Brook Lopez broke his foot during Friday night's Nets loss and is done for the season.    

The shirts are printed on Alternative Apparel using water-based inks. “The shirt feels great and the print will fade over time to a beautiful veggie,” says the company website. Think of that as the t-shirt equivalent of kimchi. 

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