Our Top 25 Instagrams Of 2013

The Food Republic editors have been playing competitive Instagram with @foodrepublic since the app's inception. While many claim it's not a contest, we maintain that it is. Oh hey, you had bone marrow last night? Boom, fried oyster covered with caviar. We've also made extensive use of the #brunch hashtag. Everyone wins, really, and we'd like to share a few of our favorite photos of the year. First one to 1,100 Likes gets a prize.

Triple soup ramen (dashi, chicken, tonkotsu) at Toki Underground in Washington D.C. Contributing Editor Matt Rodbard calls this mic-drop ramen.[/caption]
More from the ramen beat. These bowls from the newly opened Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop.[/caption]
Massive baked brie at Thanksgiving.[/caption]
Our buddy Nils Noren made a fresh-lookin' pizza, and was quickest to 1,000 likes. [/caption]
Oyster at Sushi Dojo, our favorite spot of the year.[/caption]
French onion soup during the pre-Thanksgiving cold spell.[/caption]
Adam Perry Lang's steak slider with caramelized onions, cheddar and pickles at Meatopia, San Antonio.[/caption]
A little comfort food: the Napolenato at NYC macaroni mecca S'Mac.[/caption]
There's a lot going on in this taco, thanks to John Besh.[/caption]
Spotted on 34th Street in Manhattan, literally a fork in the road. [/caption]
Fried octopus, cherry tomato and fresh hearts of palm salad at Harlow NYC.[/caption]
Witch grapes. Ever had these crazy things? They're awesome.[/caption]
A feisty lobster weighing in before Test Kitchen. [/caption]
Piña ices in the middle of summer, Upper West Side.[/caption]
Pickling radishes, carrots, jalapeños and onions for our famous ground beef tacos.[/caption]
We turned the meat of an entire lobster into one epic burger patty, no grinding necessary.[/caption]
A bowl of breakfast pho in Hanoi, Vietnam.[/caption]
Duck rillettes by the fire at The Lambs Club.[/caption]
At one backyard bbq in Brooklyn, a guest from Maine brought the goods. [/caption]
Superman ice cream by the bay in Easthampton.[/caption]
Fried salmon yakitori with sriracha mayo and black sesame seeds.[/caption]
Now that is a bloody mary worth getting out of bed for. Even on Sunday.[/caption]
Bone marrow, uni and caviar. [/caption]
Deconstructed pasta carbonara from Canal House Cooks, one of our favorite books of the year.[/caption]

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