Andy Greenwald writes primarily about television for the ESPN-owned website Grantland. Because it’s that list time of year, here’s Greenwald’s top 10 favorite shows of 2013. This is to set the table a bit for a really smart interview he conducted on his weekly podcast with Anthony Bourdain. You can stream that here and it's really a must-listen.

The interview digs into Bourdain’s origins in television — as well as how he honed the style of his shows on Food Network, Travel Channel and CNN. And the story behind how he started working with Zero Point Zero Production (disclosure: ZPZ is the parent company of Food Republic). The recent Tokyo Nights episode of Parts Unknown is discussed.

And as we also found out, it was quite a doozy. “We handed them a big steaming problem,” jokes Bourdain on the episode, which ended up being one of the season’s highest rated. Also discussed: Bourdain working with David Simon on Treme, filming an episode in Jerusalem, his memoir and the misery of the Denver omelet.