Wait, There's A Book Dedicated To Cincinnati Chili? Amazon Order, Made!

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Saveur just published a list of their top food books of 2013 — curated by the magazine and website staff. There are some pretty great picks on there, highlighting the best of the best from the far corners of the cookbook publishing world. But one title in particular struck us: The Authentic History of Cincinnati Chili by Dann Woellert. We were unaware!

The book was released in April my small indie publisher History Press and traces the history of the city's chili bowls, from its 1922 roots with a couple of immigrant brothers named Kiradjieff in a burlesque theater to eventually become a million-dollar industry supporting 250 (!!) chili parlors serving the cinnamon-forward meat mixed with an intriguing mélange of spaghetti and cheddar cheese.

Saveur editor and Ohio foodstuff booster Keith Pandolfi was equally excited:

Let me refer you to this lovingly researched book by Dann Woellert, which traces what, in my opinion, is the most brilliant use of meat ever developed by mankind from its roots in Macedonia, to the neighborhood chili parlors that give my hometown a truly unique flavor.

Buy: The Authentic History of Cincinnati Chili [Amazon]