Need A Cool Gift? Listen To Food Is The New Rock's Holiday Gift Guide Episode.

The convergence of food and music is nothing new. We've interviewed countless bands for our Good Food, Rocks series — guys like Chromeo, French Montana and John Darnielle have told us all about their love of locavore dining and small-batch bourbon. And, of course, there is Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch and his weekly podcast — Food is the New Rock — devoted to the topic. That's been going down for a year and a half now.

On this week's podcast, Brooks chats with Matt Mira (of the podcast Nerdist) and Jeff Miller (from Thrillist LA) for a holiday gift guide episode. It's a packed hour, with lots of information on the best presents to buy the music and food lovers in your life. Be sure to check out the full episode below, and sign up for the Food is the New Rock newsletter for a chance at winning a prize pack full of music and food trinkets.

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