Check Out These 9 Eggnog Carton Designs In All Their Kitschy, Holiday Glory

There's no such thing as the holidays without a little (or a lot) kitsch factored in. Same goes for eggnog, that almost obnoxiously-rich and sweet Christmastime drink that would be unimaginable to imbibe any other time of year. And very often the two go hand-in-hand — just look at this slew of quirky and decorative eggnog cartons competing for your booze-addled attention.

The Eggnog Project is Seattle-based designer Madeleine Eiche's personal trove of eggnog cartons gathered from around the country (and Canada too—lait de poule, anyone?). Eiche started her collection in 2002 when the vintage-inspired graphic design of Canastota, New York's Dairy Fresh eggnog caught her eye, but it wasn't until last week that she opted to put her three dozen examples of the decked-out cartons on display. "They've just been in a box in my closet, waiting for their moment to shine," she said.

And shine they do, in all their metallic, cheerful, homespun glory. Check out a few of our favorites from the collection below.