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Last week the Internet mildly exploded when word came out that Macaulay Culkin (though he will always Kevin McAllister this time of year) And His Anti-Folk Friends (this is a band) recorded a pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute album. Indeed, you can check out the album on Bandcamp, where you will find songs with titles like “Papa John Says” and “All the Pizza Parties.” Then in a move not unlike Beyonce’s highly coordinated secret album rollout, the band announced that they were playing a brief show at new South Williamsburg bar and venue Baby’s All Right. The club happens to be located around the corner from Peter Luger (sticking with the food theme here).

And there are reports leaking out from the show. “This is the most Brooklyn moment I’ve had in awhile, and I belong to an organic farm share,” writes a contributor on the music blog I Rock I Roll. She writes that the show was brief (10 minutes) and was more of a a mash-up live concert with “Kevin McCallister, grown up, playing the kazoo.”

And look at that, TMZ was on the scene (this is Kevin McCallister we’re talking about, after all) and has scored some video. According to our favorite acronymic gossip site, “Macaulay’s sweet solo went down during the bands song ‘Take a Bite of the Wild Slice’ (3:40 in the video) and then the group handed out pizza afterward to make up for the short gig.”

Here’s the video:

And wrapping up the big Pizza Underground weekend, yesterday afternoon the band made an appearance on radio show Snacky Tunes to play some songs and talk about the project. And, of course, eat some pizza. After all, the Heritage Radio studios are located in the back of Roberta’s in Bushwick. And that’s some damn good pizza.

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