Chicago Restaurant iNG Is Launching An Artist Series With A Spontoonist

Food and art is an intriguing pairing, one that has received an increasing amount of recognition in the past year. Just take a look at the food selection at major art festivals in some of the nation's biggest cities. We spent an entire day at New York's Art Frieze, checking out Mission Chinese Food's thrice-cooked bacon and pizza from Roberta's, instead of the actual art. But that's just us.

Now we hear that iNG Restaurant in Chicago is taking the union of food and art to a new level. In addition to offering a Salvador Dali-themed tasting menu the restaurant will be showcasing a local artist each week in January. During the first week of the month, "spontoonist" Jonathan Plotkin will be on hand to create spontaneous, cartoonist sketches in just minutes during dinner service. All tables will leave with an original piece. Beat that, Foodie Magician. Check out the short preview video below to see examples of just how Plotkin completes his work.

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