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So you think that very special coffee geek in your life is a little nutty. But does he like his coffee nutty? Perhaps a little citrusy? And, most importantly, where to shop for him? Well, consulting our handy coffee-themed gift compilation is certainly not a bad place to start this holiday season. It's here you'll find a cheat sheet for the most coveted coffee accoutrements, including the latest grinders, brewing tools and — of course — the beautiful beans themselves.

They say we’re impossible to shop for, we who prefer to rise with a fresh-ground cup of craft-roasted coffee, brewed to nitpicking precision. But it’s not entirely true. Each of us has our wish list of coveted coffee accoutrements, from grinders and brewing tools to, of course, the beautiful beans themselves. Here is a cheat sheet for the new toys we desire. Pick up any (or all!) of the below and make the coffee geek in your life very, very happy.

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