Smoky Kitchen? Nest Thermostat Has A New Smoke Alarm For You

You just overcooked your roast into a charred and smoky mess. You know because this ugly white box attached to your ceiling is bleeping and blinking. The whole scenario is just lame.

Now there's a device that not only is less offensive to the eye, but just might remind you that your oven's about to begin billowing smoke before it happens.

Nest, the design group best-known for its distinctive-looking, intelligent thermostat system, recently launched a similar concept in the form of a smoke alarm. The Nest Protect doubles as a carbon monoxide detector, sends emergency alerts to your smartphone when you're not at home, and recommends "What to Do" should an emergency occur. You can also check your battery level, and get a heads up when it needs to be replaced, sparing you that maddeningly frustrating beep that always seems to go off at the most inopportune times.

But what we especially love, from a home cook's perspective, is just how attractive this gizmo is. While most of us look for a corner of our homes that would best conceal the average smoke alarm, this is one you'll want to keep in plain sight in the kitchen, where smoke and fires have a stronger likelihood. May we make a request for a better-looking fire extinguisher?

Since when does an everyday necessity have to be so dull-looking. The Nest Protect is a stellar example of inspiring design and function.[/caption]
Like the thermostat system, an integrated smartphone app sends alerts in case of emergency; you can also check the device's battery level from afar.[/caption]

The Nest Protect ($129) is available online in white and black.