Leakproof Lunches So Your Laptop Doesn't Get Schmutz All Over It

This is me trying to have a nice Monday morning: I left the 100-year-old portal to hell radiator off last night so I didn't turn into jerky overnight, woke up smothering my cat for her meager warmth because it was so cold and rainy. Got to the bottom of four flights of stairs, then went back up for my umbrella, which I discovered to be broken. Such is life.

Damp, I went into my purse for my phone and headphones while switching to the express train, where I discovered I had not zipped the last little freaking milimeter of zip-top bag and my thoughtfully packed lunch (which was going to keep me from having to go get lunch in the rain) had leaked all over my laptop. Yup, this one I'm writing on right now. Don't worry, I burst into the office with no control over the volume of my voice and proceeded to perform emergency damp paper towel surgery while praying to the Apple gods. We do desperate things under threat of olive oil and/or vinegar in one's track pad.

With this all in mind, I'd like to suggest, mostly to myself but also to you, some leakproof lunches that will for sure not leak whether or not I packed my midday repast of "various things in a container" extremely conscientiously:

And if you must know, I'm going to the new Thai place across the street for drunken noodles, because it's already been kind of a long day.

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