Infographic: Are London And New York City Headed For A Coffee War?

When you think of great coffee, London and New York aren't the first two places that come to mind. Seattle or Rome, maybe. Still, that hasn't stopped UK-based Tassimo, makers of something called a "hot beverage system" — which sounds like what the British would call a coffee maker — from suggesting that the two metropolises in question will be locked in a caffeinated battle throughout 2014.

I suppose it makes sense. In order to afford to live in either London or New York, you clearly have to be awake and working 20 hours a day to earn enough cash to scrape by, so for those in search of legal alternatives to sleep, caffeine is the go-to drug. From a purely sensical standpoint, we'd rather pit London and New York in a cocktail throwdown, but FWIW, here's the facts and figures Tassimo came up with, in our beloved infographic form:

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