A Louis Prima-Style Farewell To The Backup Thanksgiving Ham

I had an irrational fear that because my family of about 30 people decided to have our Thanksgiving catered (clouds open up, hallelujah chorus) there might not be ham. I mean we always have ham in addition to turkey at Thanksgiving like any respectable Jewish Indian-American family who agrees turkey has no flavor would, but just in case I showed up to no pig meat, I bought a ham way too large for the 2/3–sized fridge in my "kitchen" with every plan to come home that night and have my own private Hamsgiving with the leftovers. This is how I deal with anxiety. I buy spiral hams. And take long, suspicious walks with my cousin.

Anyway, I came home with a massive container of leftover ham, which I joyfully repurposed through last weekend, then I baked the other ham I had and worked on that until last night. And now I think I'm done with ham for a bit and maybe this song will not be stuck in my head anymore.

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