Introducing The Stuffle, The Latest Hybrid Super Food To Conquer The Planet

Paul Wagtouicz is a food photographer and co-author of The Way We Ate: 100 Chefs Celebrate a Century at the American Table. He writes in with a new hybrid super food, the stuffle. And, speaking of hybrid super foods, our ban continues.

Pressed for new and innovative ways to finish my Thanksgiving leftovers, I stumbled onto something good...the stuffle. Mix up your leftover stuffing with just enough waffle batter to bind it. This year's stuffing was made with wild boar sausage, mushrooms sautéed in duck fat, chestnuts and diced apple. Press into a hot waffle iron to brown, and top with reheated turkey, cranberry, whatever you've got lying around — and drizzle liberally with reheated turkey gravy spruced up with a little maple syrup and balsamic. Omit the sugar in your waffle batter recipe for a more savory stuffle.