35 Vegan Restaurants That Jay-Z Fans Want Newly Vegan Jay-Z To Visit

Earlier today, Jay-Z took to his Life + Times website to announce that he is going vegan for 22 days — using the theory of psychology that it takes someone 21 days to form or break a habit. He turns 44 today, so there is some numerical (aesthetic?) significance involved in the decision.

It's a cool choice for Carter, a role model for millions around the world. As we've mentioned a number of times on Food Republic, a little vegan in your life can go a long way. But what we found most interesting is the post's comments section, where fans have suggested their favorite vegan restaurants around the world. Here are some suggestions below.*

Caravan of Dreams

Angelica Kitchen

Lan Cafe

Pure Food and Wine


Candle 79 + Candle Cafe




Mexican Radio


Sweet To Lick

Veggie Grill


Real Food Daily

M Cafe


Flore Cafe

Native Foods

Cafe Gratitude

Sun Cafe

Mohawk Bend

John's Restaurant



Native Foods

Karyn's On Green

Urban Vegan

Cinnamon Snail


Hip City Veg

Smoke and Barrels

Loving Hut


Dirt Candy

And if our math is correct, 22 days leads Jay (and Bey) right into New Year's. So the question is, will they remain vegan through the New Year? And, if in Brooklyn, will they be celebrating at Buttermilk Channel again?

*We cannot verify if vegan food is available at all of these restaurants. After all, this did originate in a comments section.