Short Stack Editions Fresh Off The Griddle: Buttermilk, Grits And Sweet Potatoes

We have entered the era of the D.I.Y. cookbook. Recently we told you about Middlewest, a Chicago-based production that produces each issue of their "magazine" as a series of recipe cards. And then there is Short Stack Editions — a small-format publication edited by Nick Fauchald (formerly of Food & Wine and Tasting Table). Launched as a Kickstarter back in May, the company has grown to offer six single-topic cookbooks a year — all written by well-known cookbook authors and journalists. In addition to original recipes and illustrations, the books contain sourcing and cooking tips, and are printed locally on the highest quality paper and card stock.

The first batch, sprouted in late-summer, include tributes to strawberries (Susan Spungen), Eggs (Ian Knauer — who also has his own Kickstarter project) and Tomatoes (Soa Davies). Now we've received word of the next three, which have been released just in time for the holiday season. We spotted them at one of our favorite shops in Brooklyn, and they really make great gifts.

Atlanta-based writer, photographer, food stylist and cook Angie Mosier pays tribute to buttermilk. She writes: "Once a staple of American dinner tables, this delightfully tangy dairy has spent too much time pigeonholed by pancake recipes in recent years. This edition will free buttermilk from its chains with recipes that show just how versatile and downright awesome it can be."

Continuing on the Southern theme, Southern Living contributing editor Virginia Willis writes about grits. "Grits embody the magic of cooking: Through the right techniques, this humble ingredient transforms into some rather remarkable meals. This edition runs the gamut from iconic Southern classics to boundary-pushing new applications."

And last but not least, Tasting Table contributing editor Scott Hocker writes about sweet potatoes. "These brightly-hued tubers bridge the divide between savory and sweet. The recipes in this edition explore that balancing act through thoughtful wide-reaching influences that span the globe."

The new round of editions, as well as the previous three, are available at: