Singer Kelis Gets Into The Asian Sauce Game

During our annual DJ Week, we like to ask members of the turntable generation if they have any friends in music who have particular skills in the kitchen. When we posed the question to DJ M.O.S., he did not flinch. "Kelis is an amazing cook. She actually went to culinary school and can seriously throw down," he said in a 2011 interview. And, apparently, he was not bullshitting. Kelis — a singer who is most famous for her 2003 Neptunes-produced smash hit "Milkshake" — has some serious culinary chops.

Pop Dust was on the scene at last weekend's Beverly Hills Wine Festival, where she officially launched her own line of sauces. Christened Feast, the soon-to-be-announced product line was inspired by her time studying at culinary school Le Cordon Bleu, as well as traveling through Asia. In 2010m she talked to The New York Times about her training and trips to Malaysia.

"I focused on being a saucier. Anything with a sauce involved, I flourished. I learned the basic French sauces like a beurre blanc or a bordelaise — really basic, classic French red and white sauces, but I would go off on my own. I spent a lot of time out of the country looking for new things to eat. I spent a summer in Malaysia and Bali and that region. I was in Penang, where everything is savory and sweet. I'd make beef and shrimp sauces infused with litchi. I started doing my own thing."

From photos posted on the Kelis Instagram account, it appears that a ginger sesame glaze is one of the first hitting the market. The official website is light on details, but does offer the following mission statement.

"At Feast, we want to celebrate life. And we want to do it daily. The most joyous, the most memorable, the most nostalgic moments in our lives...often times occur during a feast. Weddings, birthdays, reunions, first dates, proposals...festive food is inseparable from our most precious moments. At Feast, we believe that these moments shouldn't be limited to only once or twice a year. At Feast, every day will be a celebration of life, love and happiness. Every day will truly feel like a special occasion. Every day will be a holiday."

So this is some feel-good sauce! We can get behind that.