3 Design-Minded Ways To Brew Coffee

Superlative coffee has never been more accessible, what with all the third-wave coffee shops opening up these days, not to mention the high number of high-quality beans arriving from all corners of the world. Given the popularity of the simple glass Chemex, a beautiful synthesis of looks and function, it was only a matter of time before other better-looking coffee brewers stepped up to meet the discerning tastes of our current coffee-obsessed generation. Whether your needs and budget fall more on the frugal, single-cup side, or cost is no issue, here are three new coffee-brewing systems to do your coffee justice.

For fans of cold-brewed coffee: A recent Kickstarter success, the Cold Bruer employs a slow-drip, cold-press brewing method in a sleek, transparent carafe ($55, with deliveries estimated for January 2014).[/caption]
Uncommonly simple: minibru's single cup coffee mug works the same as any French press system, only without the clunky look of most all-in-one vessels. Here, the filter cylinder that pushes down the grinds is clear-walled to match the overall look of the glass ($15 at Think Geek).[/caption]
Total gamechanger: Consider Scanomat's TopBrewer a built-in barista for your home. The system sits beneath your countertop while the minimalist, gooseneck spout dispenses orders dispatched from your smartphone or tablet—complete with grinding and self-cleaning capabilities. Prices upon request.[/caption]