Live From A Vegan Hot Dog Eating Contest

Last week we brought you news about a documentary following the major players in the crazy world of completive eating. Hungry, which debuted at this weekend's Doc NYC film festival, follows the lives of three competitors, both well-known and anonymous: our friend Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti (coined "The Prodigy"), Brad Sciullo ("The Lunatic") and Takeru Kobayashi ("The Great One").

These guys are pretty insane, that is for sure. But Boing Boing has uncovered some next-level eating exploits with their report from the recent Vegan Hot Dog Eating Competition, which ran in conjunction with the Fun Fun Fun Music and Arts Festival in Austin, Texas.

At Food Republic we're most certainly down with vegan cookery. Our friend Isa Chandra Moskowitz is our go-to for creative vegan dishes like New England Glam Chowder, while New York city chef Amanda Cohen works magic (sans dairy) at her New York City restaurant Dirt Candy.

But when it comes to crimes against gastronomy, there is nothing more heinous that the vegan hot dog. There are various brands available, offering a similar texture to the Oscar Mayer frank experience, which is in itself kind of scary. But with a faux meatiness, which makes us sort of gag.

And here somebody went and ate 9 of them in 8 minutes. Our bellies bulge at the thought.

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