The Domain Is For Sale And We Are Saving Up To Buy It

Last week it was announced with slight fanfare that Yahoo — under the watchful eye of new chief executive Marissa Meyer — was selling a number of domain names the company had stashed away in their virtual attic. Or is it cyber attic? We'll go with that first one. Domains for sale included the practical (the;, the dated (; and a few WTFs. The domain is listed in the low six figures, while is asking started at around $10,000. Gizmodo has the entire list here, which points out one domain that we have particular interest in: If you visit the website (more of a sad, shell or a man of a website) you will finding nothing but a bunch of related links. This made us kind of sad.

As the legend goes, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich and one hell of a George Washington doppelganger, is the man credited with inventing the meat-between-bread concept we love today. And since around that time in the early 18th Century, the sandwich has evolved into one of our favorite foodstuffs. You're probably eating one right now — a breakfast sandwich, perhaps some ham and cheese on a crusty baguette slathered with Dijon mustard. Maybe it's evening and you are doing the sandwich for supper thing.

Anyways, back to the Internet fire sale. When Yahoo's Deputy General Counsel Kevin Kramer took to the company's Tumblr page to make the announcement, he pointed out sandwiches dot com to highlight his quality supply. "How premium you ask? How about That's a pretty awesome name, and now it's back on the market!" he wrote with accompanying animated .gif.

This all feels like that time we were at this garage sale and a man sitting in the lawn chair (also for sale) started pressing just a bit too hard to unload his gently used air purifier on us. Regardless, we at Food Republic are saving up our nickels and dimes to buy this thing. We have big plans. We love sandwiches. We love making Internet.

Hey Kramer, can we cut a deal?