Would You Run A Beer Mile?

So running beer miles is something people are doing, according to running-centric website Competitor. Quick: think of your fastest mile. Now halve it, because a beer mile means you'll be drinking four beers containing at least 5% alcohol at quarter-mile intervals. Sound like fun? It doesn't? It's not supposed to be — it's endurance training. If you can run a mile with no problem, try running a mile with several beers in the tank.

The trend started with blogger Tim Cigelske, who writes about combining beer-drinking and running.

"As I write, I'm on day 406 of drinking at least one beer and running at least one mile every day. Usually, it's much more than the minimum," he says. "I had no idea what I was getting into. Since starting this streak, I've had more than 800 beers and run more than 2,000 miles — most of them not at the same time. Today, a day without running or beer would feel unnatural."

Combining two passions usually results in success (the KFC Double-Down is a great example), so trust the expert, crack open a cold one and get competitive. Want to organize a beer mile for your pals? Check out the official rules, peruse the extensive list of beers with appropriate ABVs, and maybe choose something light on the carbonation, cause according to the rules, if you puke, you run a victory lap.

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