Like Your Beer Head Foamy? There's A Device For That.

Here's a high-tech device that craft beer nerds can legitimately geek out over. The Sonic Foamer is a small electronic device whose base emits ulstrasonic vibrations to freshen up your beer's head. Annoying foam 'staches aside, a frothy head on a brew is actually a good thing for enhanced aromas and enduring flavor, meaning your drinking experience might benefit from having one that lasts until the final drop.

According to Sonic Foamer's developers, a typical foam head, which is useful for maintaining a beer's flavor, usually dissipates about a quarter to a third of the way through. When you set your glass on the device, its vibrations activate the beer's gases, thus releasing bubbles that not only result in a creamy top, but also open up your suds' aromas.

At $40 a pop, this gizmo's far from a steep investment, but it does make a simple glass of beer suddenly seem that much more high-maintenance. Unless you don't mind drinking with it by your side, you might want to gift it to one of your more beer-obsessed pals.

The Sonic Foamer is designed to revive a beer's head or give your fresh pour a boost. [/caption]
Not a milk foamer...the ultrasonic vibrations react with the gases in your suds to release foam-creating bubbles. [/caption]

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