Two Important Reasons To Keep Eating Kraft Mac 'N Cheese

There's news for lovers of Kraft mac and cheese this week (so pretty much everyone, especially our nation's young people): no more artifical dyes! The corporation claims its decision to pull controversial food dyes Yellow #5 and 6 from three best-selling boxed macaroni and cheese products was not influenced by such giant protests as's "Stop Using Dangerous Food Dyes in Our Mac & Cheese" campaign, a longstanding effort spearheaded by blogs FoodBabe and 100 Days Of Real Food. But, you know, everyone knows it totally was.

And now that your fine orange goodness is just a little finer...roll it into hot dog sushi! Look, everyone likes to indulge with the food of our youth, and now that our motor skills are finely tuned enough to pull it off, why not tickle your inner 6-year-old and make sushi rolls? Thanks to Guyism, there is now a crystal-clear way to make it happen, just in the nick of time for the revamped good stuff to hit shelves in the new year. Big win.

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