Here Are 5 Craft Beers You Should Be Drinking On Halloween Night

Halloween is tomorrow and we can hardly contain our spirits (ha!). Yes, it's the time of year when guys get to dress up as pretty much anything and chicks get to dress up as anything with the word "sexy" in the name. So why not crack open a few brews who dress for the occasion, too? Whether it's what's inside or out, these five beers are as welcome at a Halloween as a girl dressed as a sexy beer bottle.

1. Fantôme Brewery: Saison

Want to scare the slime out of your friends on Halloween? Get your ghastly hands on this Fantôme! Sure, it's a unique Belgian saison, which some say tastes like band-aids (how...festive) but if you're lucky, and I mean really lucky in the worst way, you'll wind up with a bottle of goo reminiscent of Slimer from Ghostbusters due to pediococcus infection. Dare them to drink it!

2. The Bruery: Tart of Darkness

Halloween is all about dressing up as something you're not, and this beer is an absolute costume winner. The trick of this stout is that it's a treat — dark and malty like a stout but mouth-puckering like a sour — and at 7%, it's one of the most drinkable and enjoyable examples of a sour stout.

3. Southern Tier Brewing Company: Warlock Imperial Pumpkin Stout

As far as costumes go, warlocks are probably going to be big with the World of Warcraft crowd. While playing World of Warcraft didn't exactly lead to making many "real" friends, at 8.6% I strongly recommend you share this stout with a few of yours.

4. Pipeworks Brewing Company: Reaper vs. Unicorn

Over the past several years, Pipeworks has drawn us into their epic Unicorn battles, typically against ninjas. Here, their opponent is significantly more spookified: yup, it's death itself and he means business with this massive 10% rye barleywine, perfect for biding your time (read: aging for a year). Or simply drink now, if you're battle-ready.

5. Epic Brewing Company: Hop Zombie

Hmm, zombies and hops...where have I heard that before? You might be thinking, what's this blasphemous poke at Three Floyds classic Zombie Dust. I say, when the Zombie Apocalypse finally hits there'll be more than enough room for two zombie hop bombs on the planet. This is an incredible double IPA from New Zealand, clocking in at 8.4%. Oddly enough, this master of disguise could easily pass for a delicious west coast IPA!

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