Pop Chart Lab Does It Again: A Comprehensive Guide To Fictional Beers

Check out Pop Chart Lab's newest stroke of genius: Fantastical Fictive Beers! The folks who brought you the most literal cheese wheel, ever, have compiled every fictional beer from every TV show, movie and book in the charted universe. If you've ever watched TV or a movie, you'll recognize a handful of these thoughtful offerings, especially the slow pitches like King of the Hill's Alamo beer — click on the link and hover over the photo for close-ups. There are some pretty impressive obscure ones, too, like Dexter's Jekyll Island Lager and Friends' Monkey Shine. Other standouts:

  • Futurama's St. Pauli Exclusion Principle Girl

  • Super Trooper's St. Anky
  • and of course, Star Wars' Alderaanian Ale

I might write a show just to coin a fictitious beer, that seems like a real honor right now.

Best of all, at a totally affordable $22, this poster can and should be hung proudly wherever in your house you drink the most beer. The shower you say? Fine, just laminate the thing first.

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