Need More Proof That Food Is The New Rock? Check Out The 'Supper' App On Spotify.

Here's an idea from digital app agency Artisan Council that is deliciously simple. Take a chef, say Brandon Hoy from Brooklyn pizza-parlor-with-benefits Roberta's. Ask Hoy for a favorite recipe — say the Speckenwolf pie topped with cremini mushrooms, red onions and speck. Take that recipe and pair it with two playlists — one to be played for prep and one for serving the meal. Package all the info together and bake it (pun intended) on top of your favorite streaming music service, say Spotify.

Over the weekend, the Supper app launched with this in mind. Chef, recipe, music, done. At launch, three restaurants are featured, including Hoy at Roberta's, Dave Kornell of Blue Ribbon in New York City and Kent Bell of Fancy Hank's in Melbourne, Australia.

We're listened to a few of these playlists and have to say they are pretty much on point. In particular, we like this R&B throwback from Roberta's. There are certified pizza and wine jams here. And if you're a chef, you can submit your own recipe and playlist.