Absolut Gives Chicago Its Own Bottle Treatment

We're not entirely sure where the inspiration for the notes of rosemary, thyme and green olives derives from, but Absolut Chicago hits all the city's iconic trademarks with its bottle design.

As the newest destination to get bottle serviced by Absolut vodka's limited-edition series, the Windy City's major landmarks, from the ferris wheel on Navy Pier to the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower and currently the country's tallest building) are all there on full display. Designer Ross Bruggink, who created the colorful look in conjunction with crowdsourcing from Threadless, also added Chicago-specific attributes like hot dogs and theater district marquees. It's a literal yet fun depiction that definitely won't get confused for any other city in the lineup, now or down the line.

Not that our NYC-based headquarters make us biased much, but we're still huge fans of the Absolut Brooklyn edition the label dropped three years ago, in collaboration with Spike Lee. The bottle's "spiked" with the director's very own image!

Absolut Chicago, available at select retailers nationwide, run about $20-$25 per 750 ml bottle.