One For All: A Sleek Communal Tray For Your Tabletop

Naruse Inokuma Architects' minimalist "One For All" communal tray belongs to that exceptional category of design objects you never realized you needed. Then you see one, and suddently it's the only thing you need. Designed as a complement to the notion of a communal table, the extended plate runs the length of a tabletop, with subtly-crafted grooves and indents in different sizes for various foods and quantities.

Next cocktail or dinner party, you might be inclined to load one up with everything from olives and hors d'oeuvres to larger communal dishes like pasta, grains and salads. The offerings will stay contained and organized, while clearing the table afterwards should be a one-trip effort. We love it for being sleek and subtle, yet impossible to overlook for its hyper-functionality, which is kind of everything you want in a centerpiece.

Trays in general are great arsenal items for hosting and entertaining since you can load 'em up and carry them out, but the length of Naruse Inokuma's design renders it more of a functional centerpiece fixture than a portable object.[/caption]

Tray cool: One is really all you need to load up with dinner or light appetizer fixings.[/caption]

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