Check Out This Artist's Photo Series Of Vienna's Wurstel Diners

Austrian photographer Stefan Fuertbauer inherited his trade from his father: as a child, the younger Fuertbauer would assist his dad around the studio and shoot slide film. Today, the artist explores a variety of subjects: Eiterquellen, one of Fuertbauer's recent series, depicts neon-lit Viennese wurstel diners, icons of Austrian fast-food culture.

"Most of the time these diners are isolated islands of food supply in an ancient surrounding with a dash of cultural heritage," Fuertbauer explains. "Isolated both in the sense of appearance as well as in the sense of resisting against global operating fast-food chains."

Viennese wurstel diners were introduced during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy around 1870, to provide a safe income for wounded war veterans. Since then, they have became an essential part of the urban culture, not only by providing snacks and meals but also serving as a meeting spot for neighbors and friends. Check out the series below.

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