Is Drunching Now A Thing?

Here at Food Republic, we get besieged with pitches for everything from National Vodka Day to paleo diet cookbooks to Asian fusion restaurants opening in strip malls outside Houston. Because we don't have a lot of free time, and because we don't want to kill any more brain cells (we'll leave that to our cocktail research), we ignore almost all of these unsolicited inquiries and calls for coverage.

But every once in a while, a creative pitch catches our eye, and the Hong Kong pub-slash-restaurant Aberdeen Street commandeered our attention with this brave new philosophical concept: combining brunch with drinking. Apparently, with excessive drinking, the type that leads you to become an old lady who smokes cigars while wearing running shoes (or trainers, as it were). At least, that's the image they enclosed with their pitch.

The new spot in Hong Kong's SoHo neighborhood (how many SoHo's are there?) seems like a friendly joint with chalkboard walls and a "relaxing atmosphere," but what really sets them apart in our book is their embrace of daytime drinking. So as we head into this weekend, there's a new item on our eating and drinking agenda: Drunch! Thanks, Aberdeen Street.

[Aberdeen Street's website]