Brooklyn: Food Republic + Finger On The Pulse! Bar Blowout Is On October 8th

Oh man, we're super excited about this one. The popular Brooklyn BBQ Blowout has been reinvented for the fall season as the Brooklyn Bar Blowout! How did that happen? As a refresher, the original Blowout is hosted by our dudes at Finger On The Pulse and features guest chefs, guest DJs and beer (in various quantities). On Tuesday, October 8th Finger on the Pulse teams with our buddies Dale, John and Dave at Pork Slope in Park Slope, Brooklyn to take the Blowout to the next level — a guest chef cooking in the restaurant's kitchen. Robby Cook, head sushi chef at Morimoto, will be running the line. Brooklyn Brewery will be on hand to serve beer. And DJ Alex Pasternak from Lemonade will be playing a DJ set. Twenty bucks gets you a plate of food and a pint of Brooklyn Brewery beer. You can buy advance tickets here.