An Illustrator With A Love Of Butchering And Classic Cocktails. Color Us Fanboys.

There's a lot of precious food-related arts and crafts on precious arts and crafts e-emporium Etsy. Wait, so you really were looking for a macaron coin purse? A big exception is San Francisco artist Alyson Thomas. A former immigration lawyer, Thomas was encouraged by her husband to quit and pursue her love of the culinary world and drawing. And that she did with a series of charcoal, water color and ink illustrations focusing on two topics we find particularly enchanting: Butchery and cocktails (also pizza and Chicago foodstuffs). You can check out her store and website for a complete catalog (which includes originals and prints for a reasonable $20-$30). Here are some of our favorites:

Thomas oftentimes blends humor with a real passion for the culinary world. [/caption]
For many there's Neapolitan pizza, and there's the rest.[/caption]
Drywell prints are available over-sized.[/caption]
The often overlooked Sidecar gets some love.[/caption]
The makeup of the Classic Negroni[/caption]