Craft Beer Snobs, Meet Your New Favorite Glassware

There's nothing wrong with being a beer snob, but there is something very, very wrong with being a beer snob who drinks their carefully picked craft brews from any kind of glass. Shape, height, thickness — all that matters when it comes to optimizing the aromatics and taste of your artfully brewed beer.

Recognizing a wide open gap in the market for these various types of glassware, Kentucky-based artist and designer Matthew Cummings began experimenting with different designs, which he now sells through his aptly named Pretentious Beer Glass Company. Cummings handcrafts and mouthblows each glass himself, from a squat, tulip-shaped style to a cool double-chambered design made specifically for Half and Half drinkers. When you think about the craftsmanship that goes into each glass, the concept's not so much pretentious as it is original and quality-driven (and at $35-$50 per glass, pretty affordable, too). Check out some of the styles below.