This Bizarre Medical Condition Gives 'Beer Gut' A Whole New Meaning

NPR reports that while not exactly the ideal place to brew alcohol, our stomachs are indeed capable of fermenting enough raw material to get you wasted. Stop the presses. Hand me that yeast and that glass of water. And...some Skittles. I've always wanted to brew Skittles liqueur in my gut.

Tell your home-brewer friend(s) about auto-brewery syndrome, or "the absolutely cheapest and most efficient way to get uncontrollably drunk at random points throughout the day." Maybe I'm missing the point. The patient/lucky bastard experiences an internal overgrowth of the same yeast he's been brewing with, resulting in saccharomyces cerevisiae a type of yeast infection. Gross. But scientific! Because what does too much yeast do to sugar/carbs? All together now: "It turns it into stomach hooch!"

Read the full story about a 61-year-old home-brewer who kept experiencing inexplicable drunkenness. And don't chow down on yeast and Skittles just yet, this condition is pretty rare.

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