Someone Finally Made A Font Out Of Fried Eggs

Attention job seekers! You can hammer out that cover letter in Times New Roman, Helvetica even Cambria if you want to be all snazzy-pants. can write that (and everything else) in a font that looks just like fried eggs. What's it going to be, Helvetica or fried egg? Fried egg, you say? Well then, head over to Wired and check out their story on Estonian designers Vladimir and Maxim Loginov, the brothers creating these unlikely fonts (also see ground beef below).

"When working with different materials, it is very important to understand the characteristics of those; whether and how it bends, melts, fries and what makes its shape," Vladimir says. Might we just say, ketchup makes a lovely ampersand.

The classic fried egg font spelling out the answer to "can I have one of those eggs?"[/caption]
Mold ground beef into patties, meatloaf, meatballs, the Roman alphabet...[/caption]
A newer, better way to conjoin two thoughts, shown here in ketchup.[/caption]

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