Meet Schatzie The Butcher, Who Has Something To Say About Boutique Burger Blends

"I started in the meat business when I was 11 years old, keeping the cash register in my father's store on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx. I looked out the windows onto that world 50 years ago and watched life go by and I've been doing it ever since. Sometimes I like what I see, sometimes not."

These are the worlds of Tony Schatzie, a fifth-generation New York City butcher working out of his shop at Amsterdam Avenue and West 87th Street. In this colorful interview with On The Real, we find out about his days growing up on the Grand Concourse and the art of butchering bear legs. He also goes off on the so-called celebrity butcher movement, including the boutique "burger blends" we keep finding on restaurant menus around the country. "They are fulla crap," he says.

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