New Recipes This Week: Lobster Burgers, Tortilla Pie, Apple-Celery Salad

We're steadily transitioning into fall recipes. It's important to transition steadily so as to not get "the food bends" where all of a sudden your stomach's like, "Wtf is this casserole even doing? Hey, can I get some tomato-peach salad up in here?" That's where the lobster burger comes in. It's not a lobster roll and it won't make you yearn for the beach. It's a whole lobster made into an actual burger you're going to need to taste to believe.
Also this week, casseroles apparently make their triumphant return. Don't look so excited...until I place a steaming hot dish of potatoes baked with blue cheese and bacon in front of you. It goes nicely with a refreshing seasonal salad of apples, celery and hazelnuts. And for the game...well, ever had a crunchy sloppy joe? Enjoy this week's new recipes.