If You're A Fan Of The Chemex, You'll Love This New Water Filter

For most city dwellers, water filters are a given necessity — no questions asked about aesthetics. But Soma's new water filtration system just hit the scene, an innovative, biodegradable filter that fits into an hourglass-shaped carafe, proving that our everyday objects hardly need to look so humdrum.

Fans of the Chemex coffeemaker will see obvious similarities in the shape (our cultural obsession with above-average coffee is clearly trending into other areas of design these days). The carafe is sculpted to organicially fit within the user's hand, and the pour-over process is pretty identical, too. Looks aside, whereas typical water filters end up in landfills, this one is made from all-natural materials such as coconut shell carbon and silk, with a plant-based encasing that renders it entirely biodegradable.

It's a compelling blend of brains and beauty, which is pretty much all any of us want in a companion at the dinner table. Time to do a kitchen survey: what other standard items could use a long overdue makeover?

Form and function find a perfect synthesis with this sleek glass design.

The Soma water filter ($49) is available for purchase online here.