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Wow, my random food inventions do really well. How the hell the MEC is still at the top of the most popular list was completely beyond me until I had another MEC last night to prevent a column-blasting hangover…and it worked! So I thought I'd share another invention, courtesy of Blenda the Good Witch, my food processor and confidante.  

I have a serious thing for giardiniera, that crazy-sour Italian pickled melange of vegetables and chilis. I buy it by the quart and finish it in a week. I've always had an abnormal tolerance for the fermented, pickled and otherwise sour. Giardiniera is the test of that. I wanted it on a sandwich, but the chunks and slices of carrot, celery, cauliflower and peperoncini are too big and chopping them down doesn't make them spreadable. So I made an unpleasant relish, which sucked. Then I mixed the unpleasant relish with mayonnaise, and it was AMAAAAZIIIING! And like tomatonaise, another mayo-based condiment was invented. And some fat angel somewhere got a wing upgrade.

So what do you do with this creamy, tangy and slightly piquante condi-meant-to-be? I'm glad you asked.

Spread on, you sandwich-making lunch-eaters. That was supposed to be a compliment — sorry if it came off differently, I'm hungry.

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