Video: Here's Why Japanese Vending Machines Are So Much Cooler Than Ours

We've all experienced a long, annoying morning commute. Wouldn't these minutes of angst pass more quickly with an iced latte, available for purchase in the subway station with – get this – your Metrocard? If this video from Jezebel is any indication, Japan has once again outdone itself in the food world.

Watch below as a traveler explores the wonders that are the vending machines of Japan. Included are frozen treats, foods that change temperature based on the outdoor climate, all-digital touchscreen designs that display complete nutritional information and a product called "Pocari Sweat" (okay, maybe we're not exactly psyched about that last one). One thing is for sure: these inventions certainly beat that machine you got a $1.75 bag of Fritos out of on your way to the office this morning.

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