The Best Thing To Go Down At Riot Fest Was Not The Replacements Reunion

Started as a relatively modest indoor music festival in 2005 at the Congress Theater in Chicago, Riot Fest has morphed into a multi-city traveling carnival and punk rock revivalist — bringing some big bands out of semi-to-full old folks home retirement like Dead Kennedys, Naked Raygun and Screeching Weasel. This year's slate (which hit Toronto, Denver and the Windy City, the latter event taking place this past weekend) was no different, with the promise of a Replacements reunion after over 20 years on the sideline. Though, we've personally long been a fans of frontman Paul Westerberg's outstanding solo career. Regardless, the Replacements reuniting qualifies as a big fucking deal in many circles.

Also a big deal? The festival's first official butter sculptor, who was hired by founder Mike Petryshyn to create a life-size tribute to one of three musical icons: Andrew W.K., Oderus [Urungus of Gwar] or John Stamos. Fans were asked to vote and, according to Petryshyn in an interview with Noisy, "Stamos killed it." Indeed, here's the voting tally.

Jim Victor, sometimes referred to as the "Jay-Z of butter artistry" was tasked with job. So how did he do? Journalist and documentary filmmaker Wes Orshoski snapped the photo above on Friday. Indeed, it appears the Victor watched the hair. Sculpted it, actually.

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