Our Hero: One Man Ate 49 Cloves Of Garlic To Win $173

While you were busy watching (American or European if that's your thing) football all weekend, the real action was happening in Dorset, England, site of the World Garlic Eating Competition. Winner and our new food hero Oliver Farmer downed 49 bulbs in just five minutes, which is awesome.

The contest, run by a farm in Dorset, attracted 26 contestants, whose instructions were to eat raw cloves of garlic one by one, though washing the garlic down with liquid was acceptable. ABC News online reports that runner-up Ali Harvey, who came close with 46 bulbs downed, was in pain. "It's really a lot spicier than you think," he told the BBC. "I thought I was going to be sick at the end."

Well yes, Ali, that's what happens when you eat 46 cloves of raw garlic in five minutes. But we salute you! And to the champion, Oliver Farmer, winner of the $173 in prize money, thank you for being an inspiration to us all.