The Scarecrow: Chipotle One-Ups Their Last Tearjerker Awareness Film

Oh man, I can't watch it again right now. Give me a few. So Chipotle's brand-new animated short, The Scarecrow, is a follow-up to 2011's Back To The Start. Don't get excited for the return of the cute piggies and rotund, wise farmer — this film is pretty terrifying, amplified by the terrifying but also dulcet tones of the incomparable Fiona Apple. When she quiveringly sing-moans something to "Pure Imagination," that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory song Gene Wilder first creeped us out with, you pretty much listen.

Ready to run screaming from evil conglomerate Crow Foods to the nearest Chipotle Human Progress Center for a couple of tacos fresh from the Scarecrow's garden? Or just sick of Candy Crush and need a new reason to own your mobile device? Download the accompanying game, Chipotle Scarecrow, from the iTunes store. Score high enough and there's a free burrito in it for you (obviously).

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