Spotted On Instagram: Tricked-Out Fall Beer

Here's a thought: instead of bitching that summer and therefore "fun" is over, take a leaf out of my friend Andrew's book and chill for a sec. He calmly finished off the last of our excellent summer beer list, headed to Bill's Bar and Burger (he's obsessed with burgers) and ordered a local Blue Point Pumpkin Ale. It arrived in a frosty glass...with a cinnamon rim! How did the native New Yorker and fundamental beer fan feel about that?

"Like summer is over, and I'm totally okay with that."

Wow, didn't even bat an eye. So take solace in the fact that summer will be back along with all the maibocks, fruit ales and surfer brews, and pick up a nice, spicy and maybe even spice-rimmed fall beer to warm you up/cool you down/what is the weather even doing right now?

A few suggestions? We'd be delighted to!